Philippine Bululs

Welcome to this online album that displays some of my tribal art, my collection of Philippine bulul statues from the mountain regions of northern Luzon. During my 13 years of residence in the Philippines from 1991 until 2004, when I worked for an international organization with headquarters there, I assembled a large collection of Philippine ethnographic artifacts that includes 82 bulul statues. This album displays the best of these bulul statues. To enlarge a photo and see the object description, click on it once. To view a still larger photo sized to fit the screen, click on the photo again; and to view a high-resolution close-up click on that photo again.

Most of the bulul statues shown in this album were examined carefully by a Curator from the Anthropology Division of the National Museum of the Philippines and confirmed as authentic artifacts used for traditional purposes with a Certificate of Registration of Cultural Property issued by the National Museum of the Philippines. This is an important qualification since about 80-90% of the bulul statues for sale in the 1990's were fakes, and that proportion has risen to well over 90% since then. The supply of authentic bulul statues at source in the mountain provinces is largely depleted now, and very few are available for sale now.

My initial purpose in establishing this album was to share photos and descriptions of my collection with others interested in this subject, and that still continues. However, my collection is so large that I cannot display more than a few statues at home and most of them are in storage, so I would be willing to sell some to other serious collectors who may be interested. You can contact me to enquire about prices or other questions at   I will donate 25% of all sale proceeds to charitable projects in the Philippines. If you would like to know more about me as an art collector, click on John Kuiper.

To view an associated website that shows other Philippine tribal artifacts in my collection, click on Philippine-Artifacts.


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