Visions of Enlightenment:
Buddhist Art at the Museum of Anthropology
10 May 2012 - 30 September 2012


This album describes the Buddhist works of art from John Kuiper's collection that were exhibited by the University of British Colombia's Museum of Anthropology (MoA) in Vancouver from 10 May until 30 September 2012. This museum is one of the best known in Vancouver. This exhibit was the result of a detailed proposal and album describing art works from my collection that I prepared in 2010. The museum agreed in early 2011 to host such an exhibit, and also requested that the Canadian Society for Asian Arts (CSAA) should be actively involved in preparing the exhibit, and that other lenders with suitable works of art should be invited to join in the exhibit. Dr. Paula Swart was engaged as guest curator for the exhibit, Margo Palmer, a director of CSAA, also provided curatorial assistance, and financial support was received from several foundations and corporations. Five lectures were organized around the exhibit, which included three well-known international speakers on Buddhist art and religion.

The exhibit included 32 works of Buddhist art in total, of which 15 came from my collection, 2 from the MoA, 5 from the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and the remaining 10 from other private collections in British Colombia. This was the first time a significant exhibit of Buddhist art has been held in Vancouver. The art works from my collection are described further in this album.

Photo credits: Ken Mayer, professional photographer, produced the studio photos of art works with a grey-blue background; Varun Saran, UBC photography student, took the opening night photos; and John Kuiper took all other photos.

Exhibit Opening Night and general appearance. Click image to see more.