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Lao standing Buddha, gilded teakwood, 18th C

A tall, graceful, carved and gilded wood figure of the Buddha from Laos, standing in the "Calling for Rain" posture on an old wood pedestal, the face tranquil and smiling beneath deeply arched brows, from Luang Prabang or vicinity, 18th C. Height is 152 cm with base, or 101 cm w/o base and tenon. Laotian standing Buddha images from this period have a youthful and slender figure with long arms and a languid appearance. This statue has been regilded several times, the last time probably 50-100 years ago, but it is clearly old4. The attached base is also original, and it is rare to find such a fine original base together with an old statue.

Ref 4 see Lao Buddha, 2000, by Lopetcharat for several similar figures estimated to be 18th C.

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